17 camping gadgets that make great gifts for campers

camping gadgets

A camper’s wish list is always pretty long, especially when it comes to camping gadgets! We all want the latest head torch, a new action camera or unique fairy lights to go around the awning. Bad news for our wallets, but great news for anyone that is stuck for gift ideas! To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best camping gadgets on the market that make great gifts. And they start for as little as £2.95!

Mosquito repellent wristbands

camping gadgets £2.95 

Starting at just a few pounds a piece, mosquito repellent wristbands make great value gifts if you are on a tight budget. These wristbands prove to be a useful camping gadget for the whole family since they are non-toxic work for kids and adults.



Glow in the dark guy ropes

camping gadgets £3.97 

These handy little camping gadgets can eliminate stubbed toes and horrific falls for just a few pounds! We all know there is nothing worse than tripping on a guy rope on the midnight trip to the toilet block, so these glow in the dark options will surely be welcomed as a great little gift!



LED tent pegs

camping gadgets £4.99 

Most campers have had the experience of standing on a tent peg and hopping around like an idiot at least once in their lifetime. But the modern camper has the chance to avoid that with these LED tent pegs – they are hard to miss! You can pick them up for just £4.99!


Bunting string lights

camping gadgets £9.95 

Everyone likes to make their tent stand out from the crowd, and this bunting string lights kit is sure to do the job. At just £9.95, it makes a great camping gift.



Screwdriver Pegs

camping gadgets £9.98 

These handy camping gadgets always attract a few curious eyes on a campsite when you whip out a drill, and start screwing your pegs into the ground! Screwdriver pegs are becoming popular with the older generation of campers, who no longer want the hassle of hamming pegs into hard ground. This little set makes a great gift, and a great talking point too!



Portable camping shower

camping gadgets  £11.99 

A portable camping shower can be a godsend, especially if you are wild camping for more than a day or two! Go for a black version since they absorb the sunlight to warm the water.



Zippo emergency fire starter

camping gadgets £20.28 

The Zippo emergency fire starter is great for wild campers. As camping gadgets go, it is a very useful one; unlike matches and lighters, is classified as non-hazardous for transportation which makes it a great gift for people embarking on a long distance camping adventure.



Head torch

camping gadgets £35.00 

A head torch is a must have camping gadget. You can pick them up from as little as £10 all the way up to a few hundred pounds. We love the Petzl tikka head torch from Go Outdoors, which provides a wide beam and a brightness of 100 lumens.



Swiss Army Knife

camping gadgets £49.99 

You can’t go wrong with a classic Swiss Army Knife when buying a gift for a camper! There are loads of variations out there, but we recommend investing in a high quality version with a multitude of tools if you want it to be useful and to last.



Portable Espresso Machine

camping gadgets £55 

The Wacaco minipresso machine has been designed for campers who still enjoy their home comforts. This portable espresso machine works with standard Nespresso capsules and can be used anywhere since it does not need mains electricity. We think this would make a perfect gift for you other half if they are still not quite sure about camping!


Light-up shoes

camping gadgets £76 

These quirky trainers will be fun all year round for kids and adults alike. They have built in LED’s that light up when you walk, so are ideal for that late-night run to the campsite toilets after the sun has gone down!



Hyperflow Microfilter Water Purifier

camping gadgets £79.50 

This amazing camping gadget allows campers and explorers to easily purify water while they are away from civilisation. It has a high flow rate, can attach directly to a water bottle, and can be a life saver…literally!



BioLite Camp Stove

camping gadgets £89.94 

The BioLite Camp Stove makes it easy to cook with the wood you find in the forest whilst out exploring. Not only that, this great camping gadget can also provide electricity to charge your mobile phone.



Multi-sport fitness watch

camping gadgets £89.99 

A multi-sport fitness watch makes a great gift for active campers who enjoy walking and cycling. It continuously tracks activities and allows users to set personal goals and review their stats, including distance travelled and average speeds.



Personal locator beacon

camping gadgets £145.99 

This great little camping gadget is ideal for campers who enjoy adventures in the wilderness. It continually transmits a GPS location to global search and rescue satellites, and if triggered, alerts rescuers to the users’ exact location. This would make a great gift for campers who enjoy mountain climbing, skiing, water sports, paragliding etc.



Bluetooth speaker

camping gadgets £149 

A Bluetooth speaker is a great camping gadget for group trips, chilling on the beach and even the car journey. There are now hundreds on the market to choose from, which can make it a bit difficult to get the best one for your needs. We use a Bose Soundlink Mini, which is stylish, has good battery life and produces an amazing sound.


GoPro Hero 5


camping gadgets £359 

Camera gear often resides at the top of many campers’ wish lists, and a GoPro is no exception.  The latest in the range is the GoPro Hero 5 which boasts 4k and voice control to name but a few features.


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