Our Campervan

Shush…. we are actually a campervan blog

Lately you could describe Chatty Campers as a campervan blog rather than a camping blog – since getting our campervan at the end of 2016 we have definitely spent more time under metal than under canvas! But the principles are the same; explore the UK and find new outdoor adventures! In fact, our campervan is enabling us to explore a lot more; packing for a quick weekend trip is much easier since our camping equipment is already in the van. And with the help of a little fan heater we have managed to enjoy a few weekends away over the winter months too.

Introducing our campervan

Our campervan is actually a 2011 Volkswagen Transporter T5 panel van that has been ccampervan blog externalonverted into a camper. With barn doors at the rear and half-panel windows on both sides, it doesn’t actually feel too ‘van-like’ – and when we step inside, it feels 100% campervan. Here are the key specifications:
  • Make & Model: Volkswagen Transporter T5 (facelift)
  • Year: 2011
  • Body type: Half-panel van
  • Engine size: 2 Litre
  • BHP: 84 bhp (recently remapped to 175bhp)

Our campervan conversion

campervan blog internalWe were lucky enough to buy our campervan with a brand new conversion. It was converted by Aztec campers, a lovely little conversion company in South Wales. (check out their Facebook Page to see some more of their conversions). It has been fully insulated, and fitted with a strong, wipe-clean floor, ideal for us as we are usually muddy or covered in sand! In true campervan blog style, below is a list of the key elements of our conversion.
  • Front swivel seat: Our 2-person front passenger seat swivels round to provide seating for four in the back of the campervan.
  • Rock’n’roll bed: The two rear seats are a rock’n’roll bed, which means they are safe to carry passengers, and easily pull out into a good size bed – it’s the equivalent of a standard ¾ bed.
  • Storage cupboards: Running the full length of the van behind the passenger seat, we have various storage cupboards at waist height and full height towards rear.
  • Fridge: We have a built in Waeco CRX 50 fridge which is plenty big enough for the essentials such as milk, butter and bacon.
  • Sink & hob: Nested above the fridge we have a sink and 2 ring hob which hook up to our water bottle and gas canister stored in a couple of cupboards at the rear of the campervan.
  • Electricity: We have a leisure battery that powers our lights, fridge and water pump. We also have an electric hook up socket on the side of the van with two discreet power sockets.

 What’s next for our campervan?

If you subscribe to any other campervan blog or own a campervan yourself, you will know that the terms ‘campervan’ and ‘money-pit’ are interchangeable! We already have a wish list of optional extras which add up to nearly £10,000 – so we have a fair bit of saving to do! First up is a built-in heater so we can wild camp all year round. We also need a bike rack, and for that we need a tow bar. A Fiamma awning would make a great addition to add a little outside space with shelter. And of course there are all the gadgets, namely a full screen radio/sat-nav in the front and a flip-down TV in the rear. And at the end of the list is a respray or body wrap – not an essential but it would be great to make our campervan really unique!

Why not check out our photos and share your ideas for our campervan in the comments section. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed as we upgrade our campervan.