Why these 2 Snowdon routes make the perfect combination

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Did you know Snowdon is the busiest mountain in Britain? It attracts over 360,000 people each year, and is on the to-do list of many brits and tourists. But with 7 Snowdon routes to choose from, how can you make sure you get the best experience? In this blog we share our experience of why we think the Pyg Track and the Miners Track make the perfect combination for climbing Snowdon.

Snowdon routes in order of difficulty

There are 7 key Snowdon routes, each varying in length, difficulty, and popularity. Listed below, the easiest is the Llanberis Path, and the most difficult is Crib Goch. And of course there is the mountain railway which lets you take in the views without the challenge of the climb!

  • Llanberis Path: The Llanberis Path is the most popular, and easiest route up Snowdon, stretching 5 miles and running close to the mountain trains.
  • Beddgelert Path: Just under 4 miles long, the Beddgelerth Path is another easier track with a narrowing path near the peak.
  • Snowdon Ranger Track: Again, just under 4 miles long the Snowdon Ranger track is one of the easier Snowdon routes offering good views, and often less busy than the Llanberis Path.
  • Miners Track: The Miners Track consists of an easy beginning winding around a beautiful lake, but gets much steeper and challenging towards the summit. It stretches for 3.75 miles.
  • Pyg Track: The Pyg Track is 3.25 miles long, and fairly challenging in quite a few places. The Pyg Track and Miners Track combine for the final ascent to the peak.
  • Watkin Path: At 3.5 miles long, the Watkin Path is one of the hardest routes up the mountain, with a number sheer drops and challenging sections.
  • Crib Goch: Crib Goch is by far the hardest route, following a mountain knife edge with steep drops on either side! Experienced climbers only!

The best combination – The Pyg Track and the Miners Track


snowdon routes - best paths

For most people, the Llanberis Path is the obvious choice; it’s an easier climb and you know there will be plenty of people there if anything goes wrong. But that’s what everyone does, right? So if you fancy something a little bit different, we recommend heading up via the Pyg Track and down via the Miners Track, and here’s why:

snowdon routes - views1. Better views over Snowdonia

The Pyg Track offers great views across Snowdonia, especially as you pass the Llyn Llydaw lake and as you ascend to the peak.Then on the decent via the Miners Track you head straight to the water’s edge and can paddle your feet to cool off!

2. They start at the same place

Although there are Sherpa busses between the main start and finish spots, most people want to get straight back to their car and home for a rest. So starting and finishing at the same carpark is a real bonus that you might not think about beforehand.

3. They include some challenging sections

snowdon routes - pyThe Pyg Track definitely gives you bragging rights over friends that have opted for the Llanberis path. There are a number of challenging sections as you near the summit, and once you pass them you will get a real sense of satisfaction!

4. The final stretch is relaxing

Heading back down the Miners Track Is great, because the final stretch from Llyn Llydaw onwards has lovely views over the water and is nice and relaxing. And trust us when we say that by the time you get to that point, it is really appreciated!

So that’s why we think this combination of Snowdon routes is the best! And if you want to see for yourself, check out our short video of our recent climb and descent!

Watch our Snowdon climb

You can find out more about the different routes, and how to prepare for your climb on the Visit Snowdonia website.


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